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1. Grocery Coupons can save significant amount on groceries, but only use the coupon when the item is on a GREAT sale (not a great advertisement).

2.  Plan your meals around what is in your cupboard and what is on sale, you will amplify your savings.

3. Change What You Think You Need for Groceries – buy and stock up what is on sale now, your favorite brand will be on sale soon enough and you can buy it then.

4. Dump the Debit Card – Converting to Cash is the best way to trim 33% off your daily spending.

5. Line dry your clothes – electric dryers cost $.50 per load to operate.  If you can’t dry outside, build an indoor rack. Saves $150-$200 per year.

6. Give your water heater a blankie – an insulated blanket keeps your water warmer longer and reduces the energy needed to generate hot water – can save $4 -$7 per month (or more).

7. Keep your water heater temperature at 130 degrees.  On gas water heaters 130 is ‘A’ on your dial.  Your dial may have Hot/Warm, it is large the line in between Hot and Warm.

8. Electric water heaters have temperature dials, keep the upper and lower controls set on the same number.

9. Get an insurance review – there are always new products and discounts we don’t know about, you can easily trim $100s per year by having a review.

10.  Avoid debt consolidation loans – the total interest paid on a consolidation loan is usually double the amount if you pay the debts individually.  Make a plan – it can be done!

11. Try Homemade Laundry Detergent – $.01 per load vs. store bought $.12 per load (Save $50+ per year).  It cleans great too!