Embrace the Possibilities Pause, Relax and Discover the Simple Life
Provided by Kara Rozendaal & www.LoveTheSimpleLife.com  

Ways to Love The Simple Life:

1. Make a theme date with your spouse.  Don’t leave the house, except to take your children to a friend’s house. Make your favorite steak dinner and watch old family videos, find ‘your song’ to play for dinner, treat each other to a backrub, and surprise your spouse with their favorite dessert or chocolate.

2. Substitute cable and satellite t.v. with old television series from the library (Gilligan, MacGyver, and F-Troop are our family favorites) 

3. Play ‘Highlight’/’Lowlight’ at the kitchen table with your family.  Ask each person the highlight of their day and then ask them the lowlight – it is amazing the conversations that will develop.

4. Preserve food with pressure canning – great way to return to the basics.  You will have the basic ingredients minus mystery additives. 

5. Make a herb garden in your windowsill.

6. Try a vegetable garden using bags of soil.  Leave the bags in tact and cut a hole in the top to plant your plants.

7. Write a letter to someone.  Skip technology and return to a stamp and envelope for a personal touch.