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1.   Raised garden beds 
Use retaining wall products or Seconds Yard products.
2.   Indoor and outdoor patios
Use concrete or brick pavers.
3.   Built-in fireplaces and bar-b-ques
Use concrete block that is stuccoed, brick veneered, or stone veneered.
4.  Water features (ponds or water falls)
Use retaining wall products or concrete block veneered with stone.
5.  Raised deck/platform areas for hot tub spas.
Use retaining wall products and pavers.
6.  Seating areas and small site walls.
Use masonry or retaining wall products.
7.  Shrub and lawn borders.
Use items from the seconds yard or the small retaining wall products.
8.  Below ground fire pits.
Use retaining wall products or precast concrete manhole cylinders or grade rings.
9.  Expand your yard.
Use retaining wall or masonry products. Retain a hillside or raise an area that is going down a hill using these products.
10. Below grade rain water catchment systems.
Use precast concrete tanks.
Yavapai Block also sells masonry and concrete sealers for protecting your projects after they are complete.