Information provided by: Arizona Registrar of Contractors
The Registrar of Contractors monitors and investigates unlawful contractor activity. Unlicensed persons without a license exemption prey on Arizona’s population. These individuals come from a variety of locations inside and outside of Arizona. Don’t be fooled by their salesmanship.  Following the simple guideline outlined here may prevent you from becoming the next victim.

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Following these simple guidelines should help prevent unnecessary stress.

#1 – Only hire licensed contractors – Interview and hire only state licensed contractors.  Check a contractor’s license number online at or by calling (602) 542-1626 or toll free (877) 692-9762.  Remember to check the contractor’s license status again on the day you are scheduled to sign the contract.

#2 – Get multiple Bids – Get at least three bids from licensed contractors.  These contractors should be licensed to perform the specific trades related to your project.

#3 – Licensed Sub-contractors – Obtain a list of all sub-contractors that will be used on your project.  Make sure these sub-contractors are properly licensed.

#4 – Everything in Writing – Make sure all agreements are in writing including changes made to the original agreement.

#5 – Get & Verfiy References – Obtain three references of recent jobs from each bidder.  Review their past work in person.

#6 – Detailed Records – Keep a file of all papers relating to the project including a payment receipt file.

#7 – Worker’s Compensation – Confirm that all contractors and sub-contractors used on your project have worker’s compensation insurance for employees.

#8 – Payment Schedule – Add a payment schedule based on work completed to your agreement.  Don’t make payments ahead of schedule or before work is completed according to your agreement.

#9 – Never Pay in Cash – Be cautious if asked to make a large down payment or to pay in full prior to the commencement of the project.  Do not pay the contractor in cash.

#10 – Final Inspection – Don’t make the final payment until you’re satisfied with the work performed.