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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Television program makes shopping for homes easier

By Jason Soifer
The Daily Courier

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jason Soifer/The Daily Courier
Sally Barton, left, and Janet Bussell-Eriksson, right, interview Prescott Valley Mayor Harvey Skoog for the new Building by Design monthly show that premiers Sunday.

From real estate trends to remodeling projects, a new television program is coming online this weekend showcasing local options for homeowners.

Building by Design’s first episode airs Sunday on Access 13 with host Janet Bussell-Eriksson.

An interior designer and licensed general contractor, Bussell-Eriksson said Wednesday that the idea for the show came out of an appearance she made on the public education channel’s Wine 101 show, where she spoke about custom-built wine cellars.

She’s using her previous experience on radio and television to talk about local renovation and building projects, trends and inform tri-city residents.

“I want a program to not only be education, but entertaining,” she said.

Bussell-Eriksson will also showcase some of her projects, like the home remodel she’s doing in the StoneRidge subdivision.

Viewers can see the improvements Bussell-Eriksson made in the roughly 1,800-square-foot home that range from new hardware and trim, to tile, paint and converting a third-car garage into a guest and exercise room.

But the show also helps to put faces and names to local business owners working in the trades.

Bussell-Eriksson said the episodes will run 30 minutes with the occasional hour-long show.

Early Thursday morning, Bussell-Eriksson interviewed a number of local contractors at the Yavapai County Contractors Association breakfast gathering in downtown Prescott.

Monika Bishop, executive director of Access 13, said the appeal of the show to the station is that it takes programming that’s popular on a national level and makes it local.

It allows contractors to share their talents and expertise and consumers get information for future projects.

Sandy Griffis, executive director of the association, said the show gives additional exposure to its members.

“I think it’s out-of-the-box thinking,” she said.

Dan Kreyling, association board member and owner of Timberline Woodworks, never did his own commercial on his business.

As he mulled over his first television interview, Kreyling said the show will show the community the people who take the calls and work in storefronts in the Prescott area.

“I think any publicity is good,” he said.

The first episode will air Sunday at 6:30 p.m. and again on Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. Each episode will repeat at the same time and day through the month, with a new episode each month.

For CableOne viewers, the show is on channel 13 in Prescott and channel 15 in Prescott Valley.

Viewers can watch the episodes online at

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