My sister, Linda, brought this recipe to our family.  Each year we gather in my mother’s kitchen to make Christmas cookies, treats and memories, sharing the joy of being in the kitchen with the people we love.

As the years have gone by our little family group has grown to include my two sisters and me, three sons-in-law, nine grandchildren, two grandchildren-in-law and now five great grandchildren.  Along with my parents, if my math is correct (and often times it isn’t!) that brings us to 24 wonderful family members all in what used to seem like a large family kitchen.  Now it is a tight squeeze to fit us all in but we make it work because we love working together building Christmas memories that are spanning the generations. 

This recipe fits all our requirements; delicious, easy, just a few ingredients and lots of fun to make.  And, wow, we make more than a few.  In fact, I think it most definitely is a plethora of Chocolate Peanut Clusters.  Merry Christmas, enjoy!

Recipe provided by: Linda McCall Glynn and her sister, Sally Barton 

Print: Chocolate Peanut Clusters

Makes: as many as you are up for making, just follow the ratio (more math) and you too can make a plethora to gift to all the loved ones in your life.


  • 1 part (12 oz) Bittersweet Chocolate Chips
  • 2 parts (24 oz) Butterscotch Chips
  • 2 parts (24 oz) Salted Cocktail Peanuts


Combine the chocolate and butterscotch chips in a 2 quart microwave-safe mixing bowl.  Microwave on power level 5 for 2 minutes, stir and repeat just until melted being careful to not overheat the chips.  Stir the peanuts into the melted chocolate mixture.

Drop spoonfuls onto a wax or parchment paper covered cookie sheet, refrigerate until hard and package in a airtight plastic container or bag.


I like to wrap them in decorative clear plastic Christmas bags tied with a Christmas ribbon.  I gift them to all my friends and am immediately moved from the “Naughty” to the “Nice” list – enjoy!